In What Settings Are Hospice Services Provided?

Hospice care is usually provided in the patient’s home or the home of a family member or loved one, but services can also be rendered in a nursing home or other residential facility. Some hospices have their own long-term, residential care center where they provide hospice care.

One of the goals of the hospice benefit is to allow the patient and their family to stay together in the comfort of their own home unless inpatient care is necessary. If the hospice team determines a patient requires inpatient care, they will make the arrangements.

What if the Patient Needs Inpatient Care for a Condition Not Related to the Terminal Illness While on Hospice?

If a hospice patient requires inpatient care at a hospital, the hospice provider must make the arrangements. The cost of inpatient hospital care is covered by the hospice benefit and is paid to the hospice provider. Note: If a patient on hospice service is taken to the emergency room and the hospice provider didn’t make the arrangements for this visit and subsequent admission to the hospital, the patient may be responsible for the entire cost of the emergency room visit and hospital stay.